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Horsefeathers BC Singing Telegrams, Etc.

When you need a creative way to celebrate a special event, you can count on Horsefeathers to get your message across! In addition to the options listed below, we also have a variety of costumes from movies, Broadway and television shows, and even more options for our famous gorilla! Because our costume list is always changing, give us a call to find out what is currently available.




Our gorilla is our most popular and versatile character. His usual attire is a red cap and a red vest but he can also appear as “The Sports Ape,” “The Golfing Gorilla,” “The Hunter Ape,” “The Biker Ape,” “The Construction Worker Ape,” "The Beach Bum Ape," "The American Ape," “The Irish Ape,” “The Gorilla Graduate,” a “Baby Ape,” complete with a bonnet, bib and diaper, and even the “Disco Ape"!

Costumed Telegrams - Pittsburgh, PA - Horsefeathers BC Singing Telegrams, Etc.


Grim Reaper Costumed Telegrams - Pittsburgh, PA - Horsefeathers BC Singing Telegrams, Etc.
Do you know anyone hitting a milestone age? Though frightening in appearance, our Grim Reaper quickly assures everyone, “I am only here to sing a song…this time!” His funny and upbeat performance helps your loved one to accept their
“Over the Hill” status all in fun.
Prince Charming
Someday my prince will come. Wait no longer! That someday could be today for your lucky lady or young princess celebrating with a princess party!
In the tradition of more elegant pirates, our “Captain Singalot” can sail into your port (or home or office) to perform for your land lover’s special celebration.
Have all your rowdy friends settled down? Do you know any cowgirls who have the blues? Do you know any “young buckaroos” or “old timers” whose heroes have always been cowboys? Our “Cowboy Bob” can lasso up some fun at your next big shindig.
“Vinnie Singarini,” the underworld’s most musical gangster, will be sure to make a hit at your next party. He will make you an offer (of fun) you cannot refuse.
Prisoner of Love
Our “Prisoner of Love” can make a special jailbreak to perform for your loved one and declare that you are the real prisoner of their love.
This is the outfit we started out with way back in 1978. A round pill box hat, embroidered jacket, black pants and black shoes make it the traditional signing telegram uniform.


Horsefeathers BC Singing Telegrams Etc

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