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What Kind of Telegrams Do You Perform?

Horsefeathers Singing Telegrams is most famous for our personalized singing telegrams. We will compose a song for you based on information you share with us about the recipient. Our personalized songs are written completely from scratch. They are not formula songs where we just insert a few details into an already composed song. You may give us any details you like.

Nicknames, hobbies, habits, favorite expressions, goofy things the person has already done, things the person is proud of and things you tease the person about all make good details. Keep in mind we like to do our acts, clean. We do not mind “roasting” the person a bit but our shows are meant to honor the recipient and leave them with happy feelings when we leave.

We do also offer “pre-written” songs for those of you who cannot think of any personal information to give.

What Occasions Do People Send Singing Telegrams for?

Most of our telegrams are sent for birthdays, especially those milestone ages. Anniversaries are another popular occasion and some telegrams are sent just to say, “I Love You.” Our “Gorilla Graduate” is perfect for someone who “monkeyed around” in school. We have performed at weddings, bridal and baby showers. We often visit hospitals and nursing homes to perform “Get Well” and “Cheer You Up” songs. We have done motivational songs to pep up employee morale. “Congratulations” and “Thank You” are messages conveyed in some of our songs.

As for holidays, Valentine’s Day is our busiest day of the year. Our Christmas characters can bring cheer to your holiday party. We have the American Ape for 4th of July picnics and the Irish Ape for
St. Patrick’s Day.

Our personalized songs can be tailored to any occasion you can think of, so to answer your question….any occasion! Call us at (412) 488-2100!

When Do You Deliver?

We deliver thirteen hours a day, seven days a week. We like to have a one hour time window in which our character can arrive at any point within that hour. The first hour window we take in the morning is 9:00am-10:00am. The last hour window we take in the evening is 9:00pm - 10:00pm.

Sometimes we can make special arrangements to perform outside of the regular delivery hours to accommodate “early birds” or “night owls.”

How Much Does It Cost?

Our prices start at just $58.00 (only $48 with weekday discount) for local deliveries made within the city limits of Pittsburgh and most of its adjacent suburbs. That $58.00 (only $48 with weekday discount) gets you a visit from any one of our many costumed characters who will perform one of our personalized songs and give the recipient a special hand written copy of their song.

Or, for the same price of $58.00 (only $48 with weekday discount), our character can arrive and perform one of our pre-written verses, give a card with your personalized message and deliver a balloon bouquet of either a dozen latex balloons or 6 latex and 2 Mylar balloons.

Balloons can be added to our personalized song for an extra $15.00. We also offer a recorded copy of the performance which can be made on the spot for only $6.00.

Because we travel all over the Tri-State Area, a time and travel fee may be added to jobs that require us to travel outside of our local base rate area.

There are no other fees for telegrams delivered during our regular business hours and there is nothing else we try to sell you. We do not charge sales tax because we are a service business and we never mention tips when you are placing an order. Gratuities are at your discretion, they are not expected.

What If I Want Candy, Cakes, Flowers or Other Extras?

We can pick up Candy, Cakes, Flowers or anything sold at local grocery stores and deliver them with your telegram. We charge only a $5.00 pick up fee plus the exact cost of what you would like us to pick up. Sorry, we cannot deliver live animals (yes, we have been asked to do this!)

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